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Trek to the Black Hills

Started off the day yesterday with a visit to Dobby's Frontier Town. It was, umm, interesting and a wee bit creepy, in a deserted, rundown, side-show kinda way.

After meandering around Dobby-town for an hour I started the trek to Hermosa, South Dakota. I stopped a couple of time for provisions and a couple of times at historic markers (no naps!). The vistas along the route were beautiful. The winds were pretty bad with gusts up to 30-mph and I also ran into a fair amount of rain. I was glad to finally arrive at the RV park around 530pm.

I'm here for the week to work and have a mobile RV repair service coming out today to check out the electrical outlet situation. Next weekend I am planning to go to Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial before going to my next destination, Keyhole State Park.

Those of you who have seen my artwork already know my love of landscape and clouds. The clouds this morning on my morning walk are captivating.

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