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2024 - It's Been a Minute

Sunrise on Sauvie Island

I've spent the last 6-months back home in the Pacific Northwest moving every three weeks or so amongst some of my favorite places. I spent quite a bit of time in the Newport, OR area along the coast. I discovered a great spot to grab a donut, the Chubby Lil Mermaid, and park and watch the ocean waves crash against the rocks on lazy Sunday mornings.

Newport, Oregon

I've been back in the Portland area for the past couple of months. I always enjoy staying on Sauvie Island which is in the middle of the Columbia River near Portland. This year there were a lot of Sea Lions.

Charlie likes watching the ships!

Next week I am starting my trip east to Wisconsin to attend a conference for work. I am excited to get back on the road. It seems strange to say that since I am always on the road.... But, I am looking forward to the journey east with the final destination being Topeka to visit my Dad and Stepmom and family.

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