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Tranquil Nebraska

Wyoming was incredible, but have to say I actually sighed with relief when I crossed into Nebraska. This image above was taken from a scenic viewpoint along the route.

Dealt with a lot of strong winds once again. I will definitely be investing in some suspension and steering stabilizer upgrades once I get to Kansas.

I arrived at the Lake McConaughy Nebraska State Park around 130pm. I stopped off in the Park HQ to purchase my pass and inquire about RV sites. I decided to stay in the Lone Eagle section.

As you can see, no one else was at this site.

Literally no one. So peaceful.

A bit brisk (48F) but nice weather for a walk. The beach area is very fine sand. Lake McConaughy has a surface area over 30,000 acres making it the largest reservoir in the State of Nebraska.

I decided a nice hearty meal was in order to mark the end of this travel weekend. Using the trusty instant pot and a couple of ingredients from Wyoming, ground bison & heirloom tomato sauce from the Cheyenne Farmer's Market, I made bison meatballs and pasta.

My blood sugar was not a fan, but I certainly enjoyed it while watching the sun set over the lake.

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