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The houseless journey so far

Hello from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Mt Ranier greeted me during the spectacular drive from Eastern to Western Washington. I marked something off my condo nomad to-do list: I spent the night in a Walmart parking lot after the long drive across the state. There were at least a half-dozen other RVs in the lot and I surprisingly slept quite well. I worked for a few hours, using the generator for power and then headed to the campground. I'm in a large RV park, over 300 sites, 10-miles from the nearest town, near Chehalis, Washington and about a 20-minute from that Walmart. This park has been here for many years so the trees and foliage are very mature which makes it feel like I'm staying in a forest.

This little sweetie has been joining me in the mornings while I enjoy my coffee.

And this visitor had me ruminating about Watership Down. A terrific book that I

think deserves a re-read this Fall!

I've been living and working in this condo on wheels for 128-days now and I am still enjoying the adventure. It's nice to be back in the northwest and approaching "home", Portland, Oregon.

A frequent question people have about nomadic life is the costs. My trip from Portland to visit family in Kansas and back again, 4,731-miles, over the past 128-days has cost me $5,355 in fuel and campground fees. I expect the costs to be much less the next few months since I won't be traveling nearly as much.

Until next time!

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