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The houseless journey so far

Hello from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Mt Ranier greeted me during the spectacular drive from Eastern to Western Washington. I marked something off my condo nomad to-do list: I spent the night in a Walmart parking lot after the long drive across the state. There were at least a half-dozen other RVs in the lot and I surprisingly slept quite well. I worked for a few hours, using the generator for power and then headed to the campground. I'm in a large RV park, over 300 sites, 10-miles from the nearest town, near Chehalis, Washington and about a 20-minute from that Walmart. This park has been here for many years so the trees and foliage are very mature which makes it feel like I'm staying in a forest.

This little sweetie has been joining me in the mornings while I enjoy my coffee.

And this visitor had me ruminating about Watership Down. A terrific book that I

think deserves a re-read this Fall!

I've been living and working in this condo on wheels for 128-days now and I am still enjoying the adventure. It's nice to be back in the northwest and approaching "home", Portland, Oregon.

A frequent question people have about nomadic life is the costs. My trip from Portland to visit family in Kansas and back again, 4,731-miles, over the past 128-days has cost me $5,355 in fuel and campground fees. I expect the costs to be much less the next few months since I won't be traveling nearly as much.

Until next time!

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Ann Minton
Ann Minton
Feb 12, 2022

Hello! I have been thinking of doing something like this. In you experience, is campground offered WiFi adequate for working?

Ann Minton
Ann Minton
Feb 12, 2022
Replying to

Excellent! I was thinking the free WiFi wouldn't support full work experience. I've planned my first month long adventure and will investigate what connection options available. Since I'm not planning full time ALL the time I might just add to my mobile hotspot plan.

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