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Rivers Edge - May 23rd, 2021

Good morning from the edge of the Clark Fork River. This is my last morning in Montana and it is a rainy one. Nearly a half-inch of rain so far. I've been waiting for it to let up a little before starting my final leg of the trip to Newport, Washington.

Travel on Friday was pretty uneventful. I made it to the Huntley Project Museum where I parked in a large field for the night. It was very peaceful with the exception of the train whistles from the nearby railway, but even that just seemed to "belong" here.

I was really tired when I arrived so I didn't explore much of the museum property and once grabbed a few shots. The Huntley Project was an irrigation project which began as part of the 1902 Reclamation Act which included the purchase of land for the project, 27-miles long and 4-miles wide from the Crow Indian Tribe for $1.1 million. There are many building on the museum property featuring the life of early homesteading. If you're interested in a quick journey down this rabbit hole check out their site

They had some information about a threshing bee happening this August which immediately conjured memories of going to a threshing bee with my grandpa Fiest when I was a wee boy. I remember seeing lots of old tractors! I think my lifelong interest in museums and history was fueled early by adventures like the threshing bee with Grandpa.

Saturday (5/22/2021), I started out early heading west on I-90. I didn't have a set destination which turned out to be a good thing. Just before passing the Continental Divide at 6393 feet a large class A motor home similar to mine caught fire which shut down traffic for over an hour. While sitting in traffic I shut the engine down, fired up the gennie, made myself a cup of hot coffee, and setting in to read until the traffic started flowing after about an hour and a half.

I decided to call it quits on this travel day once I got past Missoula, Montana. Here a few shots from the Rivers Edge RV Resort where I am right now, having my morning coffee, listening to the rain, and writing to you all.

Love and Light to you,


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