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Mt Rushmore, coffee, and social distance zappers

I started out the day yesterday getting caught up on some work and then decided I would head over to Mt Rushmore since it was turning out to be a beautiful day. While securing my 3-month old computer monitor it came off it's stand and hit something as it fell and destroyed the screen. So, instead of Mt Rushmore I made a trip into Rapid City to the BestBuy to purchase a replacement monitor. I picked up a nice 27-inch, open box and headed back to the RV park in Hermosa. For some reason my docking station for my work laptop wasn't connecting to the new monitor so I had to redo my set-up. After getting that all sorted I grilled a salmon filet and roasted vegetables on my grill and settled in for a few episodes of the "Sons of Sam" docuseries.

Earlier this week I thought I might rent a car. Then, I thought maybe I should reconsider not having a toad (RV-speak for a vehicle towed behind a motorhome).....

Today has been overcast and a bit cold at 45-degrees, but after having my coffee and getting a couple of hours work done I headed over to Mt Rushmore and then made a couple of stops in Keystone. Enjoyed a nice BLT sandwich with home-cut fries, a cup of fresh, South Dakota roasted, coffee (and picked up a bag to take with me).

Next stop was the President's Wax Museum. I always find wax museums on the creepy side, but my ever-present nerd within enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the gift shop as much as I did the exhibits!

Perfect gifts for the "socially challenged" that warmed my heart.

And these cultural relics almost ended-up glued to my motor home dashboard.

For some reason, this really resonated with me...

On my way out of Keystone I stopped at the Rock Shed and picked up a very cool speculated hematite. It will look great atop my holding tank hose!

And finally, I am back at the RV park in Hermosa for my last night here. Tomorrow, I am heading to the Crazy Horse Memorial (really excited about this stop!) and will make a stop for provisions on my way to Keyhole Wyoming State Park where I will spend the next two-weeks.

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