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Monday on the Lake

Lake McConaughy Nebraska

I know a lot of people always say "don't buy the extended warranty. It's a scam!" Well, I have to say it's already been a good investment. The driver's side hood latch came off while driving yesterday so this morning I called the Coach-Net 24/7 RV Service line, explained the problem, and they took it from there. Without them I would have had to research and call around for help because obviously, I break things, I don't fix them.

Within a couple of hours I see this truck enter the campground with led lights flashing from the roof as well as the undercarriage. The kindly gentleman who stepped out reminded me a bit of Colonel Sanders wearing a neon green hat and large silver cross hanging from a chain around his neck.

The Colonel had her patched up and good to go within an hour and was on his way.

Instead of having the hood latch brackets re-glued (yes, Winnebago uses glue to hold them on...) I had him use small stainless steel bolts as seen on either side of the hood in this picture.

I went back to work once he left and before I knew it the sun was starting to set so I decided to take a walk and shoot a few pictures. I found this animal print while out walking.

I think it's either from a large dog or the chupacabre, not sure which...

Braving the chupacabre was worth it for this sunset.

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I love the blog. Keep finding the good in your travels when you hit the bumps in the road. Stay safe.

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