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Leaving Big Sky Country

Lander, Wyoming - Sleeping Bear RV Park

It's been a nice week here in Lander. I thought I had passed a first milestone yesterday in my new life in this condo on wheels - first repair! I did a lot of research before starting this adventure and there were frequent reminders to make sure you budget for a lot of repairs. Things tend to break when your condo is on wheels. So, I wasn't too put off when I woke up yesterday morning to find that my water pump that pumps from my fresh water tank to the faucets wasn't working. The temperatures had dropped close to the single digits during the night so I thought perhaps that was the root cause. Anyway, I made arrangements to have it replaced before heading on my way this morning, but it seems the pump decided to start working once the temperatures rose above 40. To sum it up - I still have that milestone, first repair, waiting to be met...

I'm heading out to Rawlins, WY for the night with a stop for provisions along the way and then Saturday I may be staying at Happyjack Harvest farm, a Kinder goat farm near Cheyenne!

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