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Good Morning Guymon

February 5, 2023

I arrived in Guymon, Oklahoma during the full moon. Guymon was not my original destination, but the travel gods are often fickle like that. I left Topeka, KS last Friday. My destination was Lake Ute. My first stop was a quick overnite at a Harvest Host member, the Red Rooster Cafe, a small roadside diner in Harper. KS. I love these kind of local diners.

I had a fried catfish dinner and the following morning a hearty midewestern breakfast. While there I discovered I had no running water and after a little investigation discovered breaks in my fresh water line from the below freezing temperature the night before in Topeka. I continued southwest to my next stop Liberal, KS. It was a pretty rough drive through very stark countryside.

I stopped off to take a short break and stretch my legs at St. Jacob's Well/Big Basin Prairie Preserve. I wish I would have planned this stop and taken the time to visit the well itself but I wanted to get to Liberal and see about having my water lines reparied.

I made it to Liberal and the Seven Winds RV Park in mid-afternoon. After a bit of research and talking to the RV Park folks the closest repair would be in Guymon, OK so I changed my reservations at Lake Ute and continued on, southwest, down US 54 the following day. Before I hit the road to Guymon, a 40-minute drive from Liberal, I visited the Mid-America Air Museum. The building was packed with planes of all kinds. I was very pleasantly surprised to arrive at the Coral Inn Drive Inn RV Park. It's a really well kept park with a service and parts shop on site. I was able to get my watrer lines repaired first thing Monday morning and even had them install a new kitchen faucet I had ordered last month. The winds here in the Oklahoma panhandle have been pretty brutal but otherwise it's been a great stay here. I am heading out this weekend for Lake Ute, New Mexico. Hopefully, the travel gods will be kind.

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