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Good morning from a cornfield, probably not near you

I'm sitting here with a nice, fresh, cup of coffee literally in a cornfield as I write this.

I left the quaint park near Beaver Creek yesterday after spending a bit of time trying to figure out why the power outlets stopped working with the exception of a few outlets that are wired through the coach's inverter (a gizmo that draws power from the coach's batteries).

After randomly flipping switches to no avail I decided to call CoachNet. It's sorta like like calling the Federation for assistance finding the nearest starbase for diagnostics and repair. CoachNet was clueless so I decided to defer repairs until I get to South Dakota for the week.

When CoachNet called me back I was well on my way to North Platte, my next destination, so I pulled over to take the call. A few minutes into the call there was a loud knock which turned out to be a Nebraska State Trooper. I opened the door and was greeted with a stern expression, hand on his weapon, "What's going on?" I was a little taken aback and explained I was fine (thanks for asking...) and on a call with service and I would be on my way as soon as I hang up, followed by "Thank you for checking sir", to his back as he headed back to his vehicle. I'm just gonna leave that here for you to ponder...

The wind wasn't as bad today so it was a nice drive to North Platte. I did stop for my after lunch nap as well as a quick stop at Walmart before arriving at my destination - The Golden Spike in North Platte, Nebraska. It's the world's largest train yard, 2,850 acres, handling 14,000 train cars a day. There's a nice exhibit and viewing platforms on the 7th and 8th floors.

It's time for my second of coffee and then back on the road. My destination is the Chimney Rock National Historic Site (Bayard, NE) and an overnight in an RV park before the final push to South Dakota.

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