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Crazy Horse Memorial

Sunday, May 9th

I got an early start and headed into the Black HIlls and Custer National Forest. First stop, Crazy Horse Memorial. I spent several hours here before continuing on to Wyoming.

The gift shop did not disappoint either!

After having a nice buffet lunch at the visitor's center restaurant I continued my journey north and west into Wyoming. The route through the Black Hills and Custer National Forest was gorgeous. The further I went I saw fewer and fewer cars on the roads and wide open prairie. I stopped for provisions at a small supermarket in Moorcroft, Wyoming. I got a little concerned when the girl bagging my groceries mentioned how "nasty" the water was at the lake I was heading for, and I was really shocked when she insisted on helping me out with my groceries. I remember when my brother was in high school and worked at the local market bagging groceries and helping folks to their cars with them. I hadn't seen that in years.

After loading up, I headed another 30-miles north to Keyhole State Park. After getting lost, aka taking the scenic route, I finally arrived at my site about four in the afternoon. I was again surprised, in a good way, by the beautiful, peaceful, surroundings.

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