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Coastal Highway - Gold Beach, OR

March 6, 2022 ~ Gold Beach, Oregon

I've been making my way north through California this past month. I should really start rating travel days by the average number of amazed utterances about the scenery I make per hour. Yesterday (Saturday, March 5th, 2022) would have been approaching double digits.

Driving through California was more expensive than I had planned due to the high gasoline prices. The most I paid was $5.69/gallon and was as high as $6.01 at the last fuel stations I passed before entering Oregon where I was grateful to fill up for $4.63/gallon. Another interesting thing I noticed when stopping for provisions throughout California over the past month was the scarcity of canned cat food and distilled water at over a half dozen different stores along the way. The first place I have been able to buy a gallon of distilled water was here at the RV resort in Oregon. The map below shows my trip so far since leaving Kansas on December 18th.

83 nights, 2,582 miles, and $3,092 spent on gas & campground fees.

Last week I stayed in an RV resort on the edge of the Redwood National Forest. It was very picturesque, but also very close to the Coastal Highway 101 so there was a lot of road noise. I am now just over the Oregon state line in a "magical" RV Resort called Honey Bear by the Sea in Gold Beach, Oregon. I'm here for the week and then will head further north on the Oregon coast. It's incredibly peaceful with the only noise the constant soft roar of the ocean.

(I'll be adding more photos as soon as my Amazon shipment arrives with a new sd card reader.... These photos are courtesy of my iPhone).

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