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Chimney Rock

It was a really nice drive over to Chimney Rock. I drove through some areas that were covered in snow when I drove through a few weeks ago. I got a pretty early start so was able to get to the Chimney Rock National Historic Site Museum by early afternoon.

After touring the museum I headed over to the Pioneer Crossing RV Park which is barely a mile from the museum. It's hard to imagine 500,000 people migrating over these trails, many of them in wagons like this one for as long as 6-months.

The RV Park had a quaint store where I picked up this bar of indigo soap, which smells a-mazing.

Grogu approves.

The view from my site was stunning. Especially, once the sunset started and the Chimney Rock was illuminated.

I'm leaving here shortly. Next stop is about a 3-hour drive, which will turn into 5 or 6 factoring in stops for napping and such.

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