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Cheyenne Farmers Market & Terry Bison Ranch

It was a short drive yesterday from Rawlins to Cheyenne (2.5 hours). 40 to 50 mph winds made the drive feel more like sailing in high winds. I passed by Laramie on my drive and I was momentarily overwhelmed with a deep sadness as I recalled the horrific torture and murder of a young man, Matthew Shepherd, who I knew only as an acquaintance from when we both lived in the Raleigh area a few years before his death.

I made it to the Cheyenne Farmers Market before they closed and picked up a few tasty items. The winter farmers market is held in the fully restored Cheyenne Depot, a former Union Pacific train depot and National Historic Landmark, built in 1887.

I then headed to the Terry Bison Ranch and got settled in for the night. The ranch is 27,500 acres and extends into Colorado. It was a really nice stop just off I-25 that has an onsite restaurant which had live music in the evening, although I didn't check it out. After being in isolation for the past year I'm just not ready for venues without social distancing even though I am fully vaccinated. I was thinking about the isolation of the past year the other day while driving and taking in the incredible vistas. Don't get me wrong, I have always been comfortable being on my own, but this past year has been a lot to handle even for us introverts who live on our own.

It's refreshing to watch sunset or a beautiful sunrise and feel so lucky to be here.

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